Small Town Bar

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So this guy walks into a bar. As he's sitting there drinking his beer, someone stands up and shouts, "27!" and the entire bar bursts into hysterical laughter.

A few moments later, someone else stands up and yells, "16!" Once again, the entire bar bursts into fits of laughter.

Soon, a third man stands up and shouts, "6!" Again, everyone in the bar laughs.

The completely confused stranger walks up to the
bartender and asks what all the laughing is about.

The bartender replies, "See, we're such a small town that everyone knows everyone and all of their jokes. So to make life easier we cataloged all of our jokes. Now instead of telling the whole joke, we just shout out it's number and everyone knows what joke it is and we laugh."

The stranger nods in agreement and sits down. After a few more people stand up and shout numbers, the man decides he wants to join in. He stands up and shouts, "17!"

Nobody laughs.

The bartender shakes his head and says, "Man, you just didn't tell it right!"