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A Maineiac

Mainer = A person who stays in Maine for an entire winter.

Maineiac = A person who doesn't have the sense to leave Maine after the 1st winter.

15 Ways to Annoy Your Man During the Super Bowl

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  • Take the batteries out of all of the remote controls.
  • As his pals arrive to watch the big game, disappear into your room and make yourself as frumpy-looking as possible, then return to the living room and complain loudly about all the housework you do, going into great detail, taking turns sitting next to each one of them.
  • Show a sudden interest in every aspect of the game, especially have him define the offside law for you, many times.
  • Plug in a boom box in the room and do your Dancerobics routine.
  • Decide it's time to dust the house starting with a particularly good dusting of the television set right at kick-off.
  • Hold a womens' rights rally.
  • Invite your mother over for the game.
  • Hide near the cable connection, unscrew it from the wall everytime you hear a tense moment.
  • Get a Martha Stewart Living magazine, sit in the room, and read the articles outloud.
  • Hide the beer and pretzels.
  • Come into the room every two minutes to complain about the television volume being too loud.
  • Invite all your friends over for a Pampered Chef party.
  • Root for the team your man has bet against.
  • Don some sweats and a ball cap, sit in the room with your man and his pals to watch the game... suck down the beer, scratch, burp, scream loudly everytime anything at all happens in the game.
  • It's your night out with the girls... leave the kids home with him!